Baccarat Tips

At the Baccarat table, there are generally two types of players–those that understand how the game is played and those who just pick a side to bet. Since the dealer performs all the required action for the game, players don’t need to understand much of anything to play. Simply bet player or bank and sit back. Most Baccarat tables provide scorecards that allow you to keep track of the action. If you are playing online, a notepad will do. Almost all winning players use a scorecard.

Playing One Side

One simple Baccarat strategy is to simply pick a side before playing and bet it always. The Bank has a slightly higher probability of winning, but players must pay a commission for each win on the Bank. Betting and winning on the Player side is free of charge. Commissions can add up fast, which should give players pause about betting solely on the Bank.

Betting Missing Sides

While this Baccarat strategy can be done in your head, having a scorecard or notepad makes it easier. Start by logging each hand as B, P or T–for Bank, Player or Tie. Keep close attention to how the hands are coming out, especially over the last ten or so hands. If you see one side come out very strongly–go the opposite ways.

Don’t Bet the Tie

If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas and at a Baccarat table, you will most likely hear a Baccarat dealer say “Ties often repeat” after a tie is logged. Don’t fall for the line–it’s just a solicitation and not correct at all. Ties have a minimal probability of showing up and the probability of them repeating is extremely small. You might play hundreds of hands, see many ties and find only one repeated. It’s not a good bet.

Don’t Chase Bets

Keep your bets even and don’t bet bigger just because you are losing and “due” to win. It’s possible to see one side win for 3, 4, 9, 10 or more consecutive hands. Don’t fall into the sucker’s game of betting larger when losing to try and recoup lost bankroll quickly.