Gamification Gratification: We want more

The online gambling industry has had to work hard in recent years to keep up with a culture of consumerism and our need to have more, more, more. No longer will potential customers blindly open account with an online casino without checking out the perks of doing so and there is no stronger magnet than that of the VIP Program.

It used to be that a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino could keep their clientele happy by providing them with free food and drink or perhaps for the more high-stakes roller, a room in the casino hotel.

Now that we are living in the digital age, we are no longer impressed by the offer of vouchers or ‘money off your next visit’. We are looking for exclusives, luxury items and once in a lifetime experiences. We want to be wowed.

Reaping the Rewards

Initially used as a way to keep us playing, casinos would treat their players to additional money or complimentary bonuses and those who kept on spending would be treated to better and better rewards. In the early days of internet casinos, comp points were used as part of a loyalty scheme whereby the more points you earned, the more expensive the item you could exchange them for.

Now, however, comp points are used as a way to track what kind of player you are. Work your way up the gambling career ladder, starting off as a bronze level player and reaching the dizzying heights of a platinum professional.

Status Check

Your VIP status can determine what kind of rewards you will receive and it also comes with some pretty incredible advantages. Climb high enough and you are given access to private games and exclusive jackpots.

Of course, whether you are a VIP player or not, online gaming sites such as have to keep their promotions and offers fresh to keep their members interested, often by using systems like trophy based loyalty systems. Continue reading

How to set Loss and Win Limits when Gambling in a Casino

The Internet is filled with articles that are going to talk about the advantages of gambling in a casino. Unfortunately, there are only few that are going to talk about the importance of setting limits for when you are winning or losing money. This is something that is crucial and that is going to really help you out in gaining success in making a profit when gambling at casinos from all around the world. A high limit will tell you when to stop playing as you reached a big enough profit and the low limit will tell you when you have to stop as you lost too much.

As a very simple example, let us just say that you are playing roulette and that you are on a winning streak. In this case a very common scenario happens. People are coming around you and you are getting cheered by all the gamblers at the table. In most cases this will make you keep betting and you end up making wagers that are not a part of your system. It is also quite common to end up betting more. This will almost always lead to a loss of money due to getting hyper and letting your emotions control your gambling. Win/loss limits are going to help you to quite while you are ahead in this case. Continue reading

Is my Money safe in an Online Casino?

It is not surprising that people worry about whether their money is safe in an online casino. We hear about a lot of online fraud and you could fear that by putting money in a casino you may get trouble. There are things that you ca do to reassure yourself though.

Make sure that you check out the casino first. Read reviews of it and see how up to date they are. If there are lots of recent positive reviews, then you should be able to trust it more. You can also look for clues on the website such as a https address and a padlock. If you use a protection measure to help stop your messages being intercepted, such as Rapport, this should protect you as well. Using a credit card will also help as you will have the extra protection that a credit card can provide for you against fraud.

Money safe in online casino

Another way to think about whether your money is safe is to consider whether it is safe form you overspending. Some people find that it is really easy to spend too much in a casino. They find that they will get carried away with playing games, feel that they want to win and so keep playing more and more to try to get that win. Their money certainly is not safe then as they risk spending more than they can afford and some even get into debt as a result. To help yourself not do this you should set yourself a budget so that you only pay a certain amount per day. This amount should be set at a quantity that you can afford and will not mean that you will struggle to pay your necessities if you lose it. If you fear that this will not work for you and that you will get carried away and spend too much money then it is best not to start at all. You will know what you are like with money, whether you can easily stick to a budget and also whether you get carried away with gambling. It can be safer to just play the free to play games and avoid depositing any money at all. Continue reading

Can Free Casino Games still be Fun?

Many online casinos offer free games, but people may consider that they would be less fun than paying to play. Many people do choose to pay to play when there are these free options available, which implies that they are not so good. However, it is best not to completely dismiss them without giving it some thought first.

Free casinos are perfect for anyone that cannot afford to pay money to play casino games. You need to remember that most money that you play with will be lost and so before you pay to play you need to ask yourself if you can afford to lose the money. If you can then you can go ahead, but if not the free option is the right one for you.

Free Casino Games

Free casinos are also great for those that have never tried online casinos before. They can be a great place to try out the different games that are on offer and see whether you enjoy them. It can be really annoying if you pay to play a game and then find that it is not fun. If you have a go at a free version of the game first, then you will be able to find out what you think of it first. You will be able to see if it is worth playing and whether you think that you would enjoy it more if you gambled while playing. Continue reading