Gamification Gratification: We want more

The online gambling industry has had to work hard in recent years to keep up with a culture of consumerism and our need to have more, more, more. No longer will potential customers blindly open account with an online casino without checking out the perks of doing so and there is no stronger magnet than that of the VIP Program.

It used to be that a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino could keep their clientele happy by providing them with free food and drink or perhaps for the more high-stakes roller, a room in the casino hotel.

Now that we are living in the digital age, we are no longer impressed by the offer of vouchers or ‘money off your next visit’. We are looking for exclusives, luxury items and once in a lifetime experiences. We want to be wowed.

Reaping the Rewards

Initially used as a way to keep us playing, casinos would treat their players to additional money or complimentary bonuses and those who kept on spending would be treated to better and better rewards. In the early days of internet casinos, comp points were used as part of a loyalty scheme whereby the more points you earned, the more expensive the item you could exchange them for.

Now, however, comp points are used as a way to track what kind of player you are. Work your way up the gambling career ladder, starting off as a bronze level player and reaching the dizzying heights of a platinum professional.

Status Check

Your VIP status can determine what kind of rewards you will receive and it also comes with some pretty incredible advantages. Climb high enough and you are given access to private games and exclusive jackpots.

Of course, whether you are a VIP player or not, online gaming sites such as have to keep their promotions and offers fresh to keep their members interested, often by using systems like trophy based loyalty systems.

Strong Bonds

Online casinos are now looking to build a special relationship with their members. Certain brands will now give you your own personal account manager, who will give you access to the best the establishment has to offer, to rewarding your wins with luxurious travel packages and high-priority tickets to see your favourite band live.

Getting to the highest tier has major benefits and despite having to pay to get there, that doesn’t seem to be putting consumer off.

Cultural Shift

Gamification of casinos has caused a shift in the way we perceive rewards and also the method that they are delivered. The landscape of online gaming and VIP programs has changed substantially in recent years owing to the fact a new demographic of players were entering the arena and they were looking for rewards with a greater sense of value.

With technology advancing daily, the corresponding rewards will only increase in value and as the online gambling industry quickly adopting augmented and virtual reality, maybe one day soon you will be rewarded with your favourite band playing live in your home – only time will tell.