Is Video Poker or Normal Poker Better?

If you enjoy poker then you may be considering whether to play it in an online casino. If you visit some, you will notice that there is often a choice between video poker and normal poker and you may wonder which will be the best option for you.

Video poker

Video poker is a simplified version of poker and it is combines a slots game with poker. You will normally be shown a hand of cards and you can choose whether to keep them all or you can swap a few. You need to make the highest scoring hand that you can and therefore you will need a grasp of the scoring system in poker to know this. The game will usually have instructions anyway and show how much you can win for different combinations. You would normally win a small amount for a pair and then more for three of a kind and more for a full house etc. The skill in this game is choosing what to keep as if you go for a combination that pays more, such as a royal flush, you may have to give up the chance of collecting from a three of a kind, for example. So you will have to make decisions during the game.

If you play normal poker, then you will have to be more knowledgeable in the game. You may need to know different versions as the casinos may differ in which they play or they may have various options. The game will be more complex and you will be playing against others. You may also find that it is more expensive to play this sort of game. You can feel more in control though and have more fun with it. You may prefer to play with others and test your skill against theirs as well. It can be possible to choose the skill level of those you play against as well, so that you can find players which will challenge you, but not too much. You may prefer to play a game where you need more skill and where you can learn tactics in order to improve, rather than video poker, which is limited with regards to what tactics you can use.

Without trying both versions of the game, it will be difficult for you to know which of the versions you will find better. However, if you enjoy slots and want a simpler game then video poker could appeal more to you. If you are skilled at poker and like a challenge then the normal poker could be the game for you. As most online casinos will offer both, you can always try both to see which you find more fun. You may find that you like them both and decide to have a go at each of them and see which you make the most money at.