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Draw In

Draw In is a super fun drawing game in which you need to properly draw a line based on…

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a virtual interpretation of a classic real-life game. All the thrills and chills of real hockey…

Color Valley

The simple, one-button, yet addicting skill-based game, where you avoid objects that are different colors than your little ball.…

Swift Cats

In this game of skill, you need to help the brave cats to destroy the mouse king and his…

Duck Hunter

Hunt for ducks in the countryside. Ready, aim, and fire your shotgun. How accurate are your shots?

Whack them All

You use a hammer to hit the moles, which appear at random, back into their holes.

Rolling Cheese

Get the cheese wheel to the mouse so that the mouse can eat. You get bonus points when your…

Fruit Master

Throw your knife at fruit to make the different fruity drinks as fast as possible. Don’t miss any fruit on a…

Pool Billiards

Train your billiard skills and play against the computer or your friend in this 8-ball Pool sports game! 

Soldiers Combat

In Soldiers Combat you will see yourself, riddle enemies, with bullets while you collect ammo, keys and treasure. Can…

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